Mr. Ahmad Faraz
Director QEC

Mr. Ifraz Adeel
Deputy Director QEC


The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) is making a rigorous effort to raise the standard of research and education offered at University of Home Economics, Lahore.

The application of high-quality international standards must continue with renewed zeal and passion to raise the UHE standard higher in the world and, looking ahead, to place the institution among the best institutions in the developing world.

VISION: To assimilate University of Home Economics (UHE) among world-class acclaimed institutions for teaching, research and development to have a hand in strengthening specialized educational sectors to accomplish sustainable socio-economic prosperity

MISSION: To raise the level of teaching in Home Economics and related fields while integrating the idea of quality assurance into UHE with higher education having international compatibility. To instigate the UHE to be among the top-tier universities in the world through academic, research, and institutional excellence in light of contemporary needs


  • To improve UHE’s standards for quality education and capacity building
  • To organize faculty training sessions, workshops, and seminars in order to attain quality in higher education, as well as integrating and sharing the newly learned information into the institution’s learning environment
  • To encourage the formation of a culture of continuing quality improvement in order to attain academic excellence and moral principles
  • To maintain academic-ecosystem through creation and application of internal and external quality assurance methods and practices
  • To audit teaching, learning, and administrative standards in order to assess and analyze the quality
  • To raise levels of international compatibility and competitiveness of UHE graduates through a systematic capacity building programs and to increase UHE’s capabilities to face the growing global problems


  • The main function of QEC is to make sure that the university’s quality assurance practices are developed to work with the systems in place for upholding and enhancing the standard of higher education. In addition to this QEC also involves in
  • The quality of teaching and learning in every subject area is evaluated by QEC.
  • Quality assurance of all degree programs being offered at university of Home Economics, Lahore
  • Internal audits and departmental review
  • Conducting multiple surveys to enhance degree programs
  • Collaboration between multiple accreditation councils, and departments
  • Self-evaluation report assessment teams’ briefings and coaching.
  • QEC assists the faculty and program teams in producing the finest Self-Assessment Reports by hosting training workshops/seminars etc.