13.  Rules for Promotion for Undergraduate Programs

13.1 Students must obtain 2.00 CGPA in each semester for promotion and must also pass at least 50% of the courses (3 out of 5 courses/ 4 out of 7) except non-credit courses i.e. (Quran Studies).

19. Probation

19.1 A student who secures less than 2.00 GPA but greater than or equal to 1.50 GPA in 1st semester shall be promoted to 2nd semester under Probation-I.

19.2 A student securing less than 2.00 CGPA but greater than or equal to 1.70 CGPA in 2nd or any subsequent semesters shall be promoted to next semester under Probation-II.

19.3 A student who failed to secure 2.00 CGPA after availing of two probations shall be dropped from the degree program. However, she will be eligible to seek re-admission as a fresh enrolment without going through the admission process. Re-admission will be allowed only once for 4 years BS degree program. Readmission will be allowed after the payment of the full admission/re-admission fee.

19.4 There will be a maximum of two academic probations, consecutive or otherwise, in BS (4-Years).

 19.5 The maximum time limit of the BS degree program (04-Years) is up to 06 Years. However, in case of valid reason/excuse, the period of study may be extended for one additional year (Two Semesters) in all university BS degree programs. The student(s) who will not complete studies within stated periods including extension shall be struck off from the rolls of the university. The students who have been given the right to extend the duration of study for one additional year are required to pay a new registration fee along with the normal fee for that academic year.

19.6 It is mandatory to obtain at least 50% aggregate marks to pass a course.

22. Dropout Rules:

22.1 A student who fails to secure 1.50 GPA in 1st semester or 1.70 CGPA in any subsequent semester shall be dropped from the relevant semester.

22.2 A student who fails in more than 50% of courses except non-credit courses shall be dropped from the relevant semester.

22.3 A student dropped from a semester shall be allowed to seek re-admission in that particular semester only once in the BS degree program (04-Years), however, the maximum time limit shall not be affected.

6.     Repeating Courses

6.1 Whenever a student gets an ‘F’ grade, he/she has to repeat the course whenever offered. The student will register for that course in the first week of the semester. The student may opt to attend classes or just take assessments/examinations.

6.2 The student, who has been dropped from a particular course due to shortage of attendance, will have to repeat the course by taking classes when offered next time.

6.3 Students may repeat/improve D or C grade courses whenever offered, with a maximum number of 8 courses. In case of improvement better grades shall be considered for the calculation of CGPA. However, in case a student takes a new course in lieu of the course in which she failed, both the grades will reflect on his/her transcript, i.e. old course grade and new course grade.

6.4 Repeat course(s) shall be marked under asterisk (*) in the provisional and official transcript, such students shall not be considered for position or merit based scholarships.

6.5 A student shall only be allowed to repeat 02 courses (if applicable) with the permission of HOD in a regular semester, however, the student shall be allowed to repeat a maximum of 03 courses in the summer semester.

6.6 A student who completes all the courses and has not been required to repeat any course(s), obtains CGPA of less than 2.00 but not less than 1.90 at the end of the 4th semester in case of 2 years M.Phil. program, 8th semester in case of 4 years Bachelors (Hons) program may be allowed to repeat some of the courses  in which she had obtained the lowest grades, in order to improve the CGPA so as to obtain the minimum of 2.00 failing which she shall not be awarded the degree and removed from the rolls of the university

Procedure for Acquiring Certificates / Transcripts

Students who require any of the following Certificates

  • Transcripts
  • Duplicate transcripts
  • Verification of documents
  • BonaFide
  • Character certificate
  • Relieving certificate
  • Equivalence (After BS Part I, 2nd year)
  • English Proficiency / Medium of instructions

Two Separate request forms are provided. Print & fill the one applicable to you. Written Application is also required for submission along with the list of documents to be attached.

Download  the relevant Challan, from the University website. Submit it with your application.

Without incomplete application and a copy of the Challan deposited, no application will be processed.

Certificates will take 10 working days time. Urgent fee cases will take two days

Office of the Controller of Examination

University of Home Economics-Lahore

For any query, kindly email us at controller@uhe.edu.pk