Dr. Wahab Ali Khan, Director ORIC


  • Facilitate the university in matters related to Research Innovation and Commercialization.
  • Keep the internal stakeholders up to date on available research & commercialization opportunities offered by domestic and international donners.
  • Training of internal stakeholders on research proposal writing, product development, technology development, industry problem solving, IP rights and research / product / technology commercialization.
  • Maintain excellent relation with all `national and international donners, research funding agencies and commercialization facilitating organizations.
  • Facilitate internal stakeholders in creating / initiating research collaborations, joint research programs and university industry linkages.
  • Maintaining industry pool around academic departments and keep the internal stakeholders up to date on latest research arears, industry problems and requirements of the relevant industry having relevance to academic areas.
  • Facilitate internal stakeholders in signing Research Collaboration Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDC), Material Transfer agreements (MTA), Technology / product, license / Commercialization agreements.
  • Facilitate the university in patents filing, award of patents and patents licensing.
  • Check all the research and commercialization proposals (Technical & Financial) before final approval from Vice Chancellor office and submission of approved proposal to any internal or external entity / organization.
  • Maintain the record of any research and commercialization activity funded by UHE or by any national or international agency.
  • Mention the official record of all approved research, innovation and commercialization activities relevant to any individual faculty member / students / department and make it available to VC office for any use.
  • Facilitate project awardees in project execution as one focal point for all projects matters i.e. fund release, hiring of students / staff, procurement etc. (other than technical work)
  • Receiving and processing of all administrative matters related facilitating requests received from the principal investigators / project awardee, match them with approved proposals and forward them to relevant administrative department for execution i.e. fund release from treasurer office, hiring of students / staff by HR office, procurement of good and services by P&P office etc.
  • Mention the project record file, and get it ready and up to date for internal and external audit.
  • Follow-up of the project time line, annual / final reports submissions and issuance of Project Completion Certificates from university side.
  • Compiling the research, innovation and commercialization activity record and publication of ORIC annual report at least once in a year.
  • Creating, maintaining and updating ORIC webpage for all internal and external stakeholders.
  • Any other task / duty assigned by the honorable Vice Chancellor UHE.


UHF Funded Projects

  • UHE funded project means a project which can be executed and completed by existing departmental / UHE resources or need very nominal resource i.e., consumable supplies, testing or validation from outside etc.
  • Maximum funding limit of each project must be below ____ Thousand (if required) or depending on available funds.
  • Third party involvement in these projects is allowed however UHE will not bear any kind of technical or financial liability from any third party in any case.
  • There will be no honorarium in case of UHE funded project, however the Principal Investigator will get share from commercialization revenue as per UHE approved policy.
  • Duration of such project must not be more than 12 months (an academic year or two semester)
  • All UHE faculty and associated faculty members including students are encouraged to initiate research, innovation and commercialization projects at their own from the existing departmental / university resources.
  • Detail of such project must be submitted to ORIC office on prescribed form available on ORIC webpage in download section.
  • All these projects must be endorsed by the Dean of the Facility and head of department before submission to ORIC.
  • A student can only submit a project through his supervisor.
  • On each submission, ORIC office will check the proposal and issue a unique identification number to the proposal, update relevant database and send to VC office for approval.
  • The decision of the VC office will be communicated to the applicant within two weeks, the execution of the project will only be allowed if the project is approved.
  • In case of any funding or facilitation approved by VC office, the ORIC office will issue facilitation letters to all concerned departments.
  • At completion of the project, the awardee will submit a completion report on prescribed format available in download section of ORIC web page.
  • All completion reports must be endorsed by the Dean of the Faculty and head of department before submission to ORIC.
  • ORIC will send all the completion reports to VC office for final approval and issue completion letters only if it is approved by the VC office
  • All the research / commercialization projects initiated by the university faculty (Regular / TTS / Deputation / Contract / Visiting) must be submitted to ORIC for approval from the competent authority (VC UHE).
  • Any project which is not routed through UHE ORIC and not approved by the competent authority will not be considered as legitimate PI’s or University project. Such project will not be included in yearly UHE ORIC report.

Project submission to an organization other then UHE

  • Funding opportunities i.e. call for proposals, expiration of Interest etc. will be shared on ORIC webpage as announced by any domestic or international funding agency with an internal deadline.
  • Interested applicant will follow all the instructions given in application form and submit the proposal to ORIC well before the date announced by the UHE ORIC so that the ORIC have sufficient time to process all applications for internal review, approval and final submission.
  • ORIC will enter all applications in ORIC registers and send them to ethical review board for internal evaluation.
  • After the internal review, ORIC will compile the results and send them to VC office for university endorsement.
  • All the projects approved by the competent authority (VC UHE) will be finally submit to the funding agency by the ORIC and followed after submission.
  • Any project not submit through ORIC, not evaluated by the UHE ethical review board or not approved and endorsed by the VC UHE will not be considered as the legitimate UHE proposal, such proposals will not be

Industry Linkages

  • For general relation where faculty do not need to sign a MoU, upon request of relevant department, the ORIC will organize a university industry linkage meeting for that specific department.
  • For general Industry Academia meetings, list or the invitees will be finalized after consultation of all internal stakeholders i.e., relevant department, ORIC, VC office etc.
  • After finalization of the industry list, ORIC will prepare the meeting documents and send it to VC office for approval.
  • Official invitations to the participants will issued only after the approval of VC office.
  • In case a specific industry link i.e. collaborative research, commercialization, MoU etc is required, the relevant faculty member may discuss the requirement with ORIC well in advance.
  • The ORIC will prepare the case and contact the industry and arrange the meeting in ORIC / industry to finalize the details of cooperation.
  • After the

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