Aysha Bilal 
Associate Professor


Aysha Bilal is academician, researcher and practicing documentary photographer and graphic designer. Bilal studied Masters in Graphic Design at Punjab University and later obtained her Masters degree in Photography from Nottingham Trent University, UK in 2014. Whilst exploring liquid identities of individuals, cultures and societies under and above the influence of 9/11 in the colonial societies. Currently Bilal is pursuing her doctoral research in Pakistan titled as ‘Lahore through its Oral History: An Audio Visual Practice to Explore Cultural Transformation’ where is explores the role of digital immersion in archival of intangible cultural history.

Email id: chair.ad@uhe.edu.pk


Ahmed Faraz
Assistant Professor


As a Communication Studies major with a Graphic Design and Photography emphasis, I have worked on several team-designed projects ranging from apparel design to creating products for a business. My professional experiences combined with theory and concept of deign my expertise in using Computer graphics and Concept of TTL, BTL & ATL will allow me to be a successful member of your design team. As you will note by the enclosed resume, I have worked as a Graphic Designer and Photographer with different agencies of Pakistan. In that position, I worked with several different staff members and students to design and create both communication design and apparel Graphics. Through this interaction, I have realized the value of communication in translating a client’s ideas into a visual product.

Email id: ahmedfaraz.ad@uhe.edu.pk

Ashfaq Mian_160x171

Muhammad Ashfaq 
Assistant Professor


With more than 12 years experience as a Visual Communication Designer, I am adept in concept design, project management and fi­nal design implementation. Moreover, while my on-the-job experience has afforded me a well-rounded skill set, including fi­rst-rate multi-tasking and communication abilities, I excel at:

  • Designing layouts, producing images and developing styles for print & social media.
  • Prepare lectures and presentation using modern trend and applications.
  • Print, social and electronic media corporate communications.
  • Contributing creative ideas during corporate brainstorming sessions.
  • Prioritizing workloads and coordinating multiple ongoing projects.

In addition to my experience and personal qualities. I have a solid educational foundation and passion for art, design, interactive media, photography, cinematography and motion graphics. I am extremely enthusiastic about modern media’s focus on communication materials such as corporate brand development, internal communication design, branding, marketing and advertising material design, printing, website design, social media strategy planning/advertisement and digital signage design.

Email id: ashfaqmian46@gmail.com

akifa saeed_160x197

Akifa Saeed


Affectionate, Kind, Inspiring, Fierce and Audacious, Akifa Saeed is working as a Lecturer and Graphic Designer. She holds more than Nine years of experience as a graphic designer, multimedia artist, photographer, illustrator, game designer, animator, story writer and trainer. She has bachelors in Fine Arts and Graphic Design BFA (Hon’s) from Punjab University College of Art & Design (PUCAD) and earned her M. Phil in Multimedia Arts from National College of Arts, Lahore (NCA) with distinction. Her strong academic background and her years of hand-on experience coupled with a natural passion for art, an admiration for all hues of the spectrum and an intricate under-standing of aesthetics have equipped her with the right disposition to teach design skills and software to media students.

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Zainab Aleem

Zainab Alim


I am multi-Talented Artist and tremendous Graphic Designer and got M-Phil Degree in Graphic Designing from the reputed University of the Punjab, Collage of Art & Design, Lahore. I have gathered a lot of experiences and skills as I have working here for long time and I have done my Two Publications one is redesigning of مرغے کے بٹوٹ ثوٹ and second one is Gardening With Green Waste (with LWMC,Lahore) .

Email id: zainab.rao786@gmail.com