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The history of the University of Home Economics, Lahore goes back to 1955 when it was established as College of Home Economics to educate female students in various life skills. The aim was to prepare girls for home and family living as well as to develop their creative skills. The College had partnership with Oklahoma University, USA to assist in curriculum development and teacher training. Within 10 years of its foundation, the College started offering MSc., B.Ed. and C.T. courses. Later, the scope of education was widened to groom them as empowered women who can join various fields as professionals.

We are proud to share that our contribution in preparing mature, professionally equipped, cultured and service-oriented graduates is highly acknowledged throughout the country. We strongly believe in academic excellence and do not compromise on teaching standards and discipline.

A milestone development took place in the history of this institution on 8th February 2017 when the Act to make it a public sector university was passed by the Punjab Assembly. However, the College has embarked on the journey of becoming a University only after joining of its first Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Kanwal Ameen on 31st May 2019. Surely, this period of transition is going to be full of excitement, high expectations, joys and challenges for all stakeholders. We are geared to take off to develop ourselves as Pakistan’s most prestigious women university.

Graduates from here are eligible to join many organizations such as food companies, utility companies, supermarkets and home-equipment manufacturers. Some Home Economists are free lance entrepreneurs, others can also work in media, advertising product promotion and testing.A large number of Home Economists teach in high schools and work in community related activities. They can also be hired as family and credit counselors. Home Economists advise on food choices, fashion, activity patterns and healthy weight, in this way they contribute to the well-being of the family and community.

We invite you to join the University of Home Economics, Lahore, where administration, faculty and staff look forward to welcome you. We will surely push your educational journey beyond a memorable experience! Situated in the hub of Gulberg and surrounded by restaurants, banks, shopping malls, schools, designer’s outlets, you will have a fantastic experience of learning and fun.