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Dr. Ayesha Sarfaraz
Assistant Professor


Dr. Ayesha Sarfaraz is currently working as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at University of Home Economics. She received her PhD in Organizational Psychology from Beaconhouse National University, M.Phil in Psychology from Government College University (GCU) and Masters in Applied Psychology from University of the Punjab, Lahore. Before joining UHE she had been working as a faculty member at the Beaconhouse National University, NUR International University and University of Central Punjab for the past 12 years. Her areas of expertise include Organizational Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Social Psychology, Research Methods and Statistical Analysis of Behavioral Data.

Email id: dr.ayeshasarfaraz.hdfs@uhe.edu.pk

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Ms. Memoona Siddique


Ms. Memoona Siddique has done Masters in Home Economics Human Development and Family Studies from University of Punjab. She has 13 years’ experience of teaching Human Development at BS level in college of Home Economics Lahore.

Email id: memoonasiddique.hdfs@uhe.edu.pk

Mrs. Sadaf Muzammal
Assistant Professor


Ms. Sadaf Muzammal is an Assistant Professor. She has done Ms in Clinical Psychology (Riphah International University Lahore). She joined Higher Education Department in 2008 till date. Her core subjects are Developmental Psychology, Psychopathology and Intervention Techniques. Her areas of interest are Marital Adjustment and Psychological Issues.

Email id : sadaf.muzzammil@gmail.com

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Dr Ayesha Khalid


Dr Ayesha Khalid has done PhD in Psychology (GCU Lahore) and MS Social-Science Research (University of Bristol UK). She has 13+ years’ experience of teaching Psychology and research at post-Graduate levels in Pakistan and worked as Research Officer in University of Bristol UK. Her research interests include social and cultural transitions; individualism/collectivism; marriage decisions and partner selection choices

Email id: Ayeshakhalid.hdfs@uhe.edu.pk

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Ms Andaleeb Zahra


Ms. Andleeb Zehra has done M Phil in Human Development & Family Studies from University of Home Economics, Lahore. She is having 7+ years’ Teaching and Research experience in Public and Private sector Institutes. Her research interests focuses on Children with Special Needs, Child Development, Early Childhood Education and Child Protection.

Email id : andleebzehra.hdfs@uhe.edu.pk

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Ms. Umme Farwah


Ms. UmmeFarwah is a lecturer in Department of Human Development & Family Studies. She has 05 years of teaching experience to graduate and undergraduate classes. She did MPhil in Human Development and Family Studies and is currently pursuing her PhD degree in the field of developmental psychology. Email id : ummefarwa.hdfs@uhe.edu.pk


Ms. Madiha Yasir


Ms. Madiha Yasir has done M.phil Home Economics, with specialization in Human Development and Family Studies. She has 10 years’ experience of teaching subjects of human development at Graduate and Under-Graduate classes. Her research interests include interpersonal, marital & family relations and social behaviours.

Email id : madihayasir.hdfs@uhe.edu.pk

Ms Rabia Khalid


Ms Rabia Khalid has done MS in Speech Language Pathology (Riphah International University Lahore) and MS Human Development (University of Agriculture Faisalabad). She has 6+ years’ experience of teaching and also working as a speech language pathologist at Punjab Medical Center Lahore. Her research interests include speech & language delay; stammering; parenting styles & academic achievements/success among different age groups

Email id : hdfs.rabiakhalidvf@uhe.edu.pk

Ms. Yamna Zulfiqar


Ms. Yamna Zulfiqar has done M.Phil in Home Economics  with specialization  in Human Development and Family Studies  from Agricultural  University Faisalabad and BS honors in Home Economics from University of Punjab. She has 3 years’ experience of teaching in Higher Education. Her research interests include Psychological and Social well being, School system of early education.

Email id : yamna4444@gmail.com

Ms. Almas Asif


Ms. Almas Asif has done M.Phil in Education (University of Education Lahore) and B.Ed Honors (University of Education). She has 3 years’ experience of teaching in School and Higher Education. Her research interests include Advance Educational Psychology, Assessment and Administration.

Email id : asifalmas03@gmail.com