Ms. Tehreem Fatima

Earned M.Phil Degree from Institute of Islamic Studies, University of The Punjab. Prior to that, obtained Masters Degree from Department of Islamic Studies, University of The Punjab in 2015.

Area of Interest: Study of World Religions, Contemporary Issues

Official Adress: tehreemfatima.ips@uhe.edu.pk

Research Publications

  1. Exploring Judicial Activism in Pakistan: A review of Key Precedents in Advancing Environmental Sustainability

Journal of Religious and Social Studies Volume 3 No. 2 (2023)

  1. علم تفسیر میں مولانا مودودی کا منہج استدلال (تفسیر تفہیم القرآن کا اختصاصی مطالعہ)

Al Durar Research Journal Volume 3, No, 2 (July-September 2023)

  1. Religious Diversity in Post Modern Globalized World: An Intertextual Study of Quran and Bible

Journal of World Religions and Interfaith Volume 2, Issue 2 (Fall 2023)

  1. From Cyber-crimes to Cyber-security: Exploring Legal Minefield of Artificial Intelligence in Pakistan

Pakistan Research Journal of Social Sciences Volume 2, Issue 3 (September 2023)

  1. Religious Diversity and Islam: An Appraisal of Pluralism in Malaysia

The Scholars Islamic Academic Research Journal Volume 8, No. 2 (July – December 2022)

  1. The Rationalistic-Critical Approach of Orientalists in Seerah Writings: An Exploratory Study of Modern Trends

Al-Wifaq Research Journal of Islamic Studies Volume 5, Issue 1 (January – June 2022)

  1. Prophetic Instructional Strategies: A Pedagogical Framework for the Contemporary Academics

Journal of Islamic & Religious Studies Vol. 7, Issue. 1, Jan – June 2022

  1. Sustainable Development and Natural Resources Management for Environment Stability: An Islamic Approach

International Research Journal on Islamic Studies (IRJIS) Volume 4, January-June 2022

  1. Women Entrepreneurship in Early Islamic Era; A Motivation for Women in Modern Age

Al-Qawarir Vol: 02, Issue: 04, July – Sep 2021

  1. Psychological Nurturing of Adolescents through Prophetic Stories of Quran

International Research Journal on Islamic Studies (IRJIS) Vol. No. 3 July – December 2021

  1. Socio-Psychological Impact of social media on Adolescents- A Quranic Perspective

VFAST Transactions on Islamic Research Volume 9, Number 1, July-September, 2021

  1. Women’s Participation in Sports: Constraints and Empowerment in Muslim Countries

VFAST Transactions on Islamic Research Volume 9, Number 4 October-December 2021