Ms. Bushra Tabassum

Ms. Bushra Tabassum currently holds the position of Lecturer of Sociology at the University of Home Economics in Lahore. Her academic journey is distinguished by an M.Phil. in Sociology and a BS (Hons.) in Sociology and Sociocultural Studies, both earned from the esteemed Institute of Social and Cultural Studies at the University of the Punjab, Lahore. With a wealth of teaching experience spanning six years, Ms. Bushra Tabassum has demonstrated her expertise in various disciplines, including Sociology, Social Work, Anthropology, and Gender Studies, across renowned public and private educational institutions. Her research focuses on pivotal areas such as disability studies, cultural and developmental studies, social entrepreneurship, feminism, and the marginalization of minority groups. Since last year, she’s been actively contributing to the University of Home Economics’ admission office, where she works hard to improve administrative tasks with her dedication and skills.