Dr. Iram Rubab HEC Approved PhD Supervisor

Dr. Iram Rubab is Assistant Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies at the University of Home Economics. She also holds the offices of Director Student Affairs and In-charge Women Development Centre.

She is the recipient of Charles Wallace Visiting Fellowship (2023-2024) at King’s College London.  Prior to this, she taught at University of Management and Technology for six years, where she was also chairing the Department of Sociology. She received her PhD in Gender Studies from the University of the Punjab in 2019 and graduated top of her class in her Masters and MPhil in the same. Dr. Rubab is playing an instrumental role in setting up the Gender Studies Degree at UHE, building on her experience in curriculum development at Gender Studies and Sociology Departments (including MPhil and PhD programs) at UMT and as member of National Curriculum Revision Committee (NCRC) of HEC. She also regularly contributes as a member of various boards of studies, including at LCWU, FCCU, GCU and PU. She served on the jury of a PhD thesis on women’s agency in Balochistan submitted to Sorbonne University, Paris (2023).’. She have supervised 23 MPhil and 6 BS Honors theses and is currently co-supervising a PhD thesis at Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan; she also served as informal mentor during data collection for a PhD student in Gender and Cultural Studies at University of Sydney (July 2017-July 2018).


Charles Wallace Visiting Fellow at King’s College London| 2023-2024.

Teaching Gender Studies in Pakistan: Exchange of Pedagogy and Curriculum Development.

Analysis of Women’s Resilience and Agency through the Women Movements in Pakistan.

Doctor of Philosophy in Gender Studies | University of the Punjab | 2015-2019

“Women’s Right of Inheritance: Practices and Challenges in Punjab”

Supervisor: Dr. Ahmad Usman

Master of Philosophy in Gender Studies | University of the Punjab | 2012-2014

“Women Right of Inheritance and Practices in the Punjab”

Supervisor: Dr. Abul Hassan Najmi

Masters in Gender Studies | University of the Punjab | 2009-2011

“A Comparative Analysis of Provisions Offered to Women in Public and Private Sector Shelter Homes in Pakistan through the Lens of Minimum International Standards Model”

Supervisor: Madam Nudrat Kamal


University of Home Economics, Lahore | August 2022-Present

Assistant Professor of Gender Studies, Department of Sociology and Gender Studies In-charge of Women Development Centre

Director of Student Affairs

University of Management and Technology, Lahore | 2016-2022

Assistant Professor Gender Studies

In-charge Chairperson, Department of Sociology

Complete Human Resource Solution (CHRS) | 2008-2016

Gender Specialist


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