Dr. Asmaa Bilal Associate Professor/Head of Department

Dr. Asmaa Bilal (Ph.D. in Food and Nutrition) holds eminent positions at the prestigious institute of University of Home Economics. She is the Principal at “College of Home Economics, Gulberg, Lhr” and also leads the trail-blazed “Department of Nutrition & Health Promotion”. Dr. Asmaa has more than 26 years of experience in academia. She is a Focal Person for Multi Sectoral Nutrition Center (MSNC), Planning & Development Dept., GOP. and has also worked as Director ORIC at UHE; besides her administrative accomplishments, she was a as Freelance Journalist in The Frontier Post, The Nations and Daily Times newspapers. Moreover, she holds a vast experience in the area of Research in Nutritional Sciences, her area of expertise is Experimental Research in Clinical field. She has supervised many PhD, M.Phil. thesis/research work , has organized many seminars & annual presentations for the research work of Ph.D and M.Phil. students. She is certified from Harvard Medical School in “Nutrition in Cardiometabolic Disease Update 2022” and “Health Disparities in the Emergency Department Setting” accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).

Email id: chair.fn@uhe.edu.pk


  • PhD Food & Nutrition (2015), University of the Punjab, Lahore.
  • Food &Nutrition (2008-2010), University of the Punjab, Lahore.
  • Food & Nutrition (1992-1995), College of Home Economics, Lahore affiliated with University of the Punjab.
  • BSc Home Economics (1988-1992), College of Home Economics, Lahore affiliated with University of the Punjab.

Professional Experience

  • Focal Person (December 2020- Till date)

Multi Sectoral Nutrition Center (MSNC), Planning & Development Dept., Govt. of the Punjab

  • Focal Person (Oct 2020- May 2021)

RPCC (Research Program Coordination Committee)

  • Member (August 2019- To date)

EHSAAS Scholarship HEC

  • In Charge Drama and Music Society

Department of Nutrition & Health Promotion, University of Home Economics

  • Launched the Career Counseling and Job Placement Cell

Students were guided to choose future careers and are also informed about jobs related to their field of specialization, at College of Home Economic Lahore.

  • Launched the English Drama Club at Govt. Baghbanpura College for the first
  • Research Article Reviewer

Merit Research Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences

 Brief Outline of the Research Work

  • Nutritional Problems of South East Asia With Special Reference to Pakistan (A Research Report)
  • Prevalence of Anemia in Pregnant Women of Lower Income Group Of Lahore (A Research Report)
  • Diabetes Mellitus _ An Ever Growing Health Concern in the Local Community (Research Report & presentation)
  • Functions of Electrolytes and Their Role in the Buffer Systems of the Body (Research Report & Presentation)
  • Iodine Deficiency in the Northern Areas of Pakistan (Presentation)
  • Vitamin D Deficiency & Bone Disorders in Women and Children of Pakistan (Research Presentation)
  • Assessment of the Weaning Practices Adopted By the Mothers of Infants of Selected Areas of Lahore. (Research Report)
  • SWOT Analysis Human Resource Department of Standard Charted Bank Lahore, Pakistan. (A Research Report and presentation)
  • The Need and Prospects of Establishing an HRM Department in the Civil Service Sector of Pakistan (A Research Report)
  • Five Years Plan for A Family Business (HRM Research Report)
  • Effects of Motivational Beliefs and Activities on the Learning Experiences of the University Students
  • Level of Transmission of Religiosity in the Children of Families with Authoritarian Parenting (A Survey Report)
  • Domestic Violence Faced by the Women of Lower Socio-economic Group by their Spouses (A Case Study)
  • Report on Internship at KLINZ Pvt. Limited.


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