Dr. Abbas Khan Assistant Professor

Dr. Abbas Khan (Ph.D. Postdoc), has earned his Ph.D. from Jilin University. His area of expertise is Food and Nutrition Nanotechnology in treatment of cancer disease. He has 4.5 years of experience in academia and 3 years as a Health and Nutrition officer in different public and private sectors. Moreover, he has published more than 19 research articles in well reputed international journals (SCI indexed).

Email id: drabbas.fn@uhe.edu.pk


  • PhD (2020) Nutrition and Food Nanotechnology , Jilin University China
  • MS/MPhil (2015) Human Nutrition, The University of Agriculture Peshawar KP Pakistan
  • BS (2013) Human Nutrition, The University of Agriculture Peshawar KP Pakistan


  • Assistant Professor/Head of Department, Dietetics and Nutrition Sciences, University of Sialkot
  • Research Associate, Jilin University China
  • Clinical Nutritionist, Northwest General Hospital and Research Center Peshawar KP Pakistan
  • Health and Nutrition Officer, National Commission For Human Development (NCHD GOVT OF PAKISTAN)


Courses taught:

Sports Nutrition, Maternal and Child Nutrition, Infant Young Child Feeding, Nutritional Practices in Clinical Care, Research Methods and Biostatistics

Research interests:

  • Nutrition Nanotechnology
  • Nanoencapsulation
  • Human Clinical Trials in Nutrition



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           TOTAL IF=31.10