Dear Students

Kindly fill the form and attach the relevant documents for your Fee submission process. You are requested to submit the completed form at the Controller office, University of Home Economics. Once your form is verified, you will be issued a Challan slip to submit your Annual Exam Fee. Your Exam Fee is Rs. 8,525/- within the due date i-e 7th Sep, 2021.

Submit your form on the following schedule to avoid any inconvenience. Otherwise, UHE will not be
responsible for the double fee.
Time: 9:00-3:00

1- BS Home Economics (P-II)2nd year
Monday-30th August 2021
2- BS Home Economics (P-II)3rd year
Tuesday-31st August 2021
3-BS Home Economics (P-II) 4th year
Wednesday- 1st September 2021

No Challan will be issued after Wednesday, 1st September 2021.

Office of the Controller of Examinations
University of Home Economics

Note: For any exam related query email at the assistant.controller@uhe.edu.pk or visit our office.

Download Student Bio Data Form for Annual Examination 2021