The Office of Student Affairs, UHE, is a centralized administrative unit responsible for overseeing various aspects of student life and support services. The office operates under the umbrella of the UHE’s administration and plays a key role in enhancing the overall student experience.

The office has been chaired by the director of Student Affairs, Dr. Iram Rubab since 2022. Under her supervision and direction, the office has accomplished various major-scale events that include, Spring Festival 2023, Bon Fest 2023, uncountable educational awareness seminars, and numerous book launches. Her office comprises of two Assistant Directors, Ms. Syeda Aiza Imran, and Dr. Muhammad Akram Riaz.

The office has an open-door policy for the students to ensure that their concerns can be addressed appropriately and through proper channels.

Key Orientation:

Student Support Services: Providing counseling, advising, and support services to assist students in navigating academic, personal, and social challenges.

Student Development: Developing programs and initiatives to foster student development, leadership skills, diversity awareness, and community engagement.

Student Engagement: Organizing and promoting co-curricular activities, clubs, events, and campus initiatives to enhance student involvement and sense of belonging.

Student Conduct: Establishing and enforcing student conduct policies, managing disciplinary processes, and promoting a safe and inclusive campus environment.

Student Advocacy: Advocating for student interests and concerns within the university administration, representing student perspectives in decision-making processes, and serving as a liaison between students and university leadership.

Through collaboration with academic departments, university’s administration, and societies the Office of Student Affairs aims to provide an intellectually engaging environment and to ensure the growth of the UHE’s student body


The Office of Student Affairs at the University of Home Economics is currently overseeing fourteen Student Societies with the collaboration of the following parent departments.

Sr. Society Department Focal Persons
1 Event Management Team Directorate of Student Affairs Dr. Iram Rubab
2 Drama Music and Festival Society Department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics Dr. Asmaa Bila
3 Human Well-being and Anti-Narcotics Society Department of Human Development and Family Sciences Dr. Ayesha Khalid
4 Harmony Building Society Department of Islamic Studies and Oriental Learning Dr. Nomana Khalid
5 Green and Clean Society Department of Textile and Fashion Design Ms. Mariyum Saeed
6 English Literary and Debating Society Department of English Ms. Kainat Khalid
7 Character Building Society College of Home Economics Ms. Serhar Jamil
8 Art and Culture  Heritage Society Department of Fine Arts Dr. Ayesha Bilal
9 Sociological Society Inclusivity & Sustainability Department of Sociology Ms. Humaira Tehseen
10 Students Society of Psychology Department of Psychology Dr. Ayesha Sarfaraz
11  Sports Society Department of Sports Ms. Rabia Kareem
12 Painting Society Department of Fine Arts Ms. Sameena  Zaheer
13 Music Society Department of Fine Arts Ms. Sameena Zaheer
14 Media Club Department of Digital Media Dr. Muhammad Akmal Soomro

Dr. Iram Rubab Director Student Affairs Lecturer

Syeda Aiza Imran Assistant Director Student Affairs Lecturer

Dr. Muhammad Akram Riaz Assistant Director Student Affairs Lecturer