Department of Textile & Fashion Design offers multidisciplinary education in design and research relating to textiles and apparel design, through participation in formal studio instruction and ongoing research and scholarly endeavors. Students benefit from a broad-based program and faculty specializing in areas of Textiles and Fashion Industry. As of now, two programs are being offered in this discipline.

BS Applied Psychology is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in psychological principles and their application to various real-world contexts. Here are some potential areas of scope for a BS Applied Psychology:

  • Applied Research: Graduates can work in research settings, assisting in designing and conducting studies, collecting and analyzing data, and interpreting findings to inform decision-making in fields such as healthcare, education, marketing, or human resources.
  • Human Resources: Applied psychology graduates can pursue careers in human resources, where they can utilize their understanding of human behavior to improve employee selection and training processes, develop performance evaluations, and enhance workplace motivation and productivity.
  • Counseling and Social Services: BS in Applied Psychology can provide a solid foundation for entry-level positions in social service agencies, community organizations, or mental health facilities, where graduates may work under the supervision of licensed professionals.
  • Marketing & Organizational Behavior: Applied psychology graduates can contribute to improving organizational effectiveness and employee well-being. They can assist in areas such as employee satisfaction surveys, organizational development, leadership training, and team building. Applied psychology graduates can contribute to market research, consumer behavior analysis, and advertising campaigns by applying their knowledge of psychological principles and techniques.
  • Health and Wellness: Graduates can apply their understanding of psychology to support health and wellness initiatives, such as developing behavior change programs, promoting healthy lifestyles, and assisting in patient education and advocacy.
  • Educational services: Applied Psychology graduates can work in educational settings by providing their services as student counselor and solving different issues relating to the process of teaching, learning, curriculum development and management. They can work in school settings as school psychologist helping students overcome difficulties in learning, behavior and social adjustments.
  • Mental Health Services: Applied psychology graduates can assist in clinical settings by providing the mental health services to the patients who are suffering from different mental disorders.
  • The candidates holding F.A./F.Sc./A levels or equivalent qualifications with at least 45% marks and age not more than 24 years are eligible for admission in BS programs.
Domain No of courses Credit Hours
General Education 12 30
Disciplinary Major 24 72
Minor 4 12
Interdisciplinary 4 12
Field Experience/Case Report 1 3
Capstone Project 1 3
Total   132



Nature of Course Course Code Name of Subject Cr. Hrs
GEN-I ENG-103 Functional English 3(3+0)
GEN-II ICP-100 Ideology & Constitution of Pakistan 2(2+0)
GEN-III Choose from the list of  Arts & Humanities Group




GEN-IV Choose from the list of  Natural Sciences Group 3(2+1)
MAJ-I PSY-101 Introduction to Psychology 3(2+1)
MAJ-II PSY-102 Perspectives in Psychology 3(3+0)
Total 16
GEN-V CS-102 Application of Information and Communication Technologies 3(2+1)
GEN-VI ENG-104 Expository Writing 3(3+0)



Islamic Studies      OR

Religious Education/Ethics

2 (2+0)
GEN-VIII CCE-101 Civics and Community Engagement 2(0+2)
MAJ-III PSY-103 Developmental Psychology 3(2+1)
MAJ-IV PSY-104 Biological Basis of Behavior 3(2+1)
Total 16
GEN-IX Choose from the list of Social Sciences Group 2(2+0)
GEN-X SC-200 Quantitative Reasoning-I 3(3+0)
MAJ-V PSY-201 Statistics in Psychology 3(3+0)
MAJ-VI PSY-202 Child Psychopathology 3(3+0)
MAJ-VII PSY-203 Cognitive Psychology 3(2+1)
INTR-I Choose from Interdisciplinary course list 3(3+0)
Total 17
GEN-XI Entrepreneurship 2(2+0)
GEN-XII SC-207 Quantitative Reasoning-II 3(3+0)
MAJ-VIII PSY-204 Quantitative Research Methods 3(2+1)
MAJ-IX PSY-205 Adult Psychopathology 3(3+0)
MAJ-X PSY-206 Psychosocial Influences on Behavior 3(3+0)
INTR-II Choose from Interdisciplinary course list 3(3+0)
Total 17
MAJ-XI PSY-301 Theories of Personality 3(3+0)
MAJ-XII PSY-302 Psychological Assessment 3(2+1)
MAJ-XIII PSY-303 Cross Cultural Psychology 3(3+0)
MAJ-XIV PSY-304 Data Analysis and Interpretation using SPSS 3(2+1)
INTR-III Choose from Interdisciplinary course list 3(3+0)
MIN-I Choose from List of Minor courses 3
Total 18
MAJ- XV PSY-305 Industrial Psychology 3(3+0)
MAJ-XVI PSY-306 Qualitative Research Methods 3(2+1)
MAJ-XVII PSY-307 Clinical Psychology 3(3+0)
MAJ-XVIII PSY-308 Ethics and Professional Issues in Psychology 3(3+0)
INTR-IV Choose from Interdisciplinary course list 3(3+0)
MIN-II Choose from List of Minor courses 3
Total 18
MAJ-XIX PSY-401 Internship 3(0+3)
MAJ-XX PSY-402 Counseling Psychology 3(2+1)
MAJ-XXI PSY-403 Organizational Psychology 3(2+1)
MAJ-XXII PSY-404 Applied Social Psychology 3(2+1)
MIN-III Choose from List of Minor courses 3
Total 15
MAJ-XXIII PSY-405 Capstone Project 3(0+3)
MAJ-XXIV PSY-406 Health Psychology 3(3+0)
MAJ-XXV PSY-407 Forensic Psychology 3(3+0)
MAJ-XXVI PSY-408 Educational Psychology 3(2+1)
MIN-IV Choose from List of Minor courses 3
Total 15
Total Credit Hours 132


  1. Frequently Asked Questions


What is the scope of BS Applied Psychology?

Psychology offers diverse career opportunities, including clinical psychology, counseling psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, educational psychology, forensic psychology, and research positions in academia or industry. Many people are drawn to psychology because they want to help others improve their lives, whether it’s through therapy, counseling, or research aimed at understanding and addressing mental health issues.

Students of Psychology can work in a variety of places such as schools, universities, hospitals, private clinics, rehabilitation centers, national and multinational organization,  armed forces, NGOS etc

Is BS psychology recognized by HEC?

Yes, BS Psychology program is recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC).


What is the importance of BS Psychology program at UHE?

Psychology is essentially the study of the human brain, behavior, and social interaction. In UHE, the Bachelor of Science in Psychology program is a four years designed academic program that aims to help observe, understand and predict human behavior through the scientific method. It also serves as path ways to the human psyche and fathoms its depths. Students are expected to gain the knowledge, tools and skills needed to assess and conduct empirical research on individual and group behavior through the lens of various psychological theories and concepts.


Can I get Admission if I have FA or ICS Degree?

The admission criteria for BS Applied Psychology is 12 years of Education with minimum 45% marks. No matter whether it is FA/FSC, ICS or I.Com etc all are aligible to apply provided they meet the minimum marks criteria.


When can I apply for Admission?

The admission for BS Applied Psychology starts around July every year and classes commence from end September or start of October.


Can I Apply if I have less them 45% marks?

No the minimum criteria for admission is having at least 45% marks in FA/FSc/ICS/I.Com etc


Can I Apply on Reserve Seats Qota?

Yes, we have reserved quota seats for the following categories such as minorities, provinces other than Punjab, kinship based seats, seats for children of Shaheed officers, sports quota, debate quota etc. Kindly check the admission form for reserved seats for further details.


Does the University offer Hostel Facility?

Yes, the University offers hostel facility but due to limited number of rooms available the facility is given based on first come first serve basis.