Introduction to the Program

The BS program in HDFS is a versatile undergraduate degree that focuses on the Mastery of the principles of human development, and an understanding of the key developmental task of each stage of life. It provides in-depth understanding of the developmental stages, with particular emphasis on the family as a context for human development. Family Studies helps in Understanding of intra-family processes such as power, decision-making, and communication. Improves understanding on comprehensive examination of the interface between the family and various social/political/cultural environments.

Special Features of the Program:

  • Laboratory Schools: Students are provided with two fully equipped educational labs of children with normal and atypical developmental patterns. These labs serve as live human laboratories and help researchers, undergraduate and graduate students learn and refine their human research skills. Hence enabling them to serve the greater community, by investigating, implementing and modeling evidence-based practices they acquire in these specialized labs. Department of Human Development is the pioneer in establishing the first Model Nursery School in Pakistan for research on child development.
  • Internship Opportunities: Students of BS in Human Development & Family studies have various opportunities for internships at multiple government and non-government sectors hence enable them to transit successfully to employment after their degree completion.

Scope of BS Program in Human Development & Family Studies

A bachelor’s degree in human development and family studies applies important theories to complex, real-world issues affecting children and families. Using a social justice lens, students learn how to understand and work within diverse contexts that prepare them to apply and become certified family life educators after graduation.

BS program in Human Development & Family studies addresses contemporary social issues that affect the health and well-being of children, youth, adults, and families, through high-quality and innovative research, teaching, and outreach programs.

  • Child Welfare, Social work, Referral Services, Rehabilitation and Counseling: BS program in Human Development & Family studies opens various opportunities related to community and social work and rehabilitation and counseling services programs. Students will be able to work as social worker, children, youth and family services worker, school counselor and rehabilitation counselor.
  • Early Childhood Education, Care & Development: Graduates who are interested in pursuing their career in early childhood education can explore various opportunities in day care centers administration, early learning centers and guidance and counseling of children in school settings.
  • Child protection, Child Health & Advocacy: Graduates in HDFS work in different organizations related to child health and child protection. They combine their knowledge of healthy human development and intervention with good administrative and management skills to work at non-profit organizations focused on solving social problems.
  • Gerontology: Graduates who want to work with adults, pursue their careers as gerontologist and serve in old-age homes and organizations working for older adults.
  • Special Education Services: Students of BS HDFS can pursue career in sectors working with children with special needs and provide their expertise in IEP planning, parental counseling and providing speech and language therapy.
  • Applied Research: Graduates can work in research settings, assisting in designing and conducting studies, collecting and analyzing data, and interpreting findings to inform decision-making in fields such as healthcare, education, marketing, or human resources.

Placement Opportunities

Students of Human Development can explore and establish their careers in:

  • Community services Organizations, Referral Services as well as in local and national organizations offering Advocacy and Non-Profit Work.
  • Organizations providing counseling facilities for families, youth and children.
  • Private and Public Sector Organizations working for Child development and Child Protection
  • Early Childhood Education Institutions, Public and Private sectors working for Early Childhood Care & Development
  • Special Education Sectors
  • Organizations working for old-age people and Rehabilitation centres.
  • Research Agencies

The candidates holding F.A./F.Sc./A levels or equivalent qualifications with at least 45% marks and age not more than 24 years are eligible for admission in BS programs.

Q1.       Is the University of Home Economics (UHE) degree recognized?

Yes, UHE is a public sector university, and all degrees are recognized by Higher Education Commission, Islamabad.

Q2.      How long is the duration for BS Degree programs?

Four (04) years/eight Semesters

Q3.      From where can I obtain the prospectus, admission forms and challan forms?

From University of Home Economics website:



Q4.      Are there any specific quotas in admissions?

Yes, visit page 55 of prospectus 2022.

Q5.      How many programs I can apply to?

A candidate can apply to as many degree programs as she may deem fit.

Q6.      What is the admission processing fee for each application?

Rs 1000/-

Q7.      What is the last date and mode of submission for admission forms?

The last date of submission of admission forms will be 31st October, and they can be submitted via hand.

Q8.    What criteria is set for applicants who missed the documents (e.g., Fee Challan, Admission Forms, Matric / inter result etc.?

The applicants must submit their missing documents by 31st October positively otherwise application forms with missing documents will not be entertained.

Q9.    Are there any Scholarship programs available?

Ehsaas program by HEC, UHE need based scholarship, UHE merit-based scholarship are available.

Q10.    Who can apply for scholarships?

All students admitted are eligible for scholarships as per criteria.

Q11.    Are there any provisions for students applying in UHE from outside of Lahore to have hostel facility in University of Home Economics?

Yes, the hostel facility is available on first come first serve basis.

Q12.    Do you offer weekend classes?


Q13.    Is there a fee refund policy?

Yes, the fee can be refunded within one week of the commencement of classes.

Q14.    What if I want to migrate to another program?

As per HEC Policy, you can migrate from one program to another only once.