The Fine Art Department serves as the vibrant nucleus of creative exploration and expression within our academic community. Nestled at the intersection of tradition and innovation, our department celebrates the rich tapestry of artistic endeavors while fostering a dynamic environment for experimentation and growth. With an unwavering commitment to nurturing the talents and visions of emerging artists, we provide a platform for the cultivation of technical skill, conceptual depth, and cultural dialogue. Through rigorous instruction, collaborative engagement, and a diverse array of mediums, our department empowers individuals to push boundaries, challenge conventions, and forge their unique paths in the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary art. Whether painting, sculpture, printmaking, or multimedia installations, our students and faculty alike engage in a profound exploration of creativity that transcends boundaries and inspires transformative experiences. Welcome to the Fine Art Department, where imagination knows no bounds and artistic expression knows no limits.

BS Fine Arts Program

  1. Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the BS Fine Arts are as follows:

  1. Candidates must have completed their (intermediate or equivalent) education with a minimum of 45% marks from a recognized board / as per university policy.
  2. In addition to the academic qualifications, prospective students are required to take the University’s entrance exams, which consist of aptitude and drawing tests.
  • Academic Record 70%
  • Entry Test 20%
  • Interview 10%

(50% passing marks for both test and interview are mandatory to qualify)

*(Eligibility Criteria may be changed as per the Admission Committee of UHE).

  1. Number of Seats
  • Open Merit: 100
  • Self-Supporting: 100
  • Seats may be increased (If required with the approval of the Competent Authority)
Basics of Painting
Drawing –I
Painting Studio-I
Calligraphy and Illumination
History of Ancient Civilizations
Painting Studio-II
Sculpture and Ceramics
Art in Pakistan: Historical Perspective
History of Western Art Movements
Miniature Painting
Painting Studio-III
Research Methodology
Muslim Architecture and Ornamentation
Fine Art Seminar
Miniature Painting – I
Painting Studio-IV


Advance Drawing
History of Western Art: Modern Art Movements
Performance Art
Field Experience/Internship
Capstone project
Curatorial Studies / Galleries and Museum Surveys
Contemporary Art in Pakistan

Q1.       Is the University of Home Economics (UHE) degree recognized?

Yes, UHE is a public sector university, and all degrees are recognized by Higher Education Commission, Islamabad.

Q2.      How long is the duration for BS Degree programs?

Four (04) years/eight Semesters

Q3.      From where can I obtain the prospectus, admission forms and challan forms?

From University of Home Economics website:



Q4.      Are there any specific quotas in admissions?

Yes, visit page 55 of prospectus 2022.

Q5.      How many programs I can apply to?

A candidate can apply to as many degree programs as she may deem fit.

Q6.      What is the admission processing fee for each application?

Rs 1000/-

Q7.      What is the last date and mode of submission for admission forms?

The last date of submission of admission forms will be 31st October, and they can be submitted via hand.

Q8.    What criteria is set for applicants who missed the documents (e.g., Fee Challan, Admission Forms, Matric / inter result etc.?

The applicants must submit their missing documents by 31st October positively otherwise application forms with missing documents will not be entertained.

Q9.    Are there any Scholarship programs available?

Ehsaas program by HEC, UHE need based scholarship, UHE merit-based scholarship are available.

Q10.    Who can apply for scholarships?

All students admitted are eligible for scholarships as per criteria.

Q11.    Are there any provisions for students applying in UHE from outside of Lahore to have hostel facility in University of Home Economics?

Yes, the hostel facility is available on first come first serve basis.

Q12.    Do you offer weekend classes?


Q13.    Is there a fee refund policy?

Yes, the fee can be refunded within one week of the commencement of classes.

Q14.    What if I want to migrate to another program?

As per HEC Policy, you can migrate from one program to another only once.