Our department seeks to provide a rigorous and engaging education that empowers students to become proficient in the English language, both written and spoken, and to develop a profound understanding of literature as a lens through which to explore the complexities of the human condition. We are dedicated to nurturing a supportive and collaborative learning environment that encourages creativity, curiosity, and a lifelong passion for learning.

Through innovative teaching methods, scholarly research, and a commitment to interdisciplinary exploration, we aim to equip our students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in diverse professional and academic pursuits. Additionally, we strive to instill a sense of social responsibility and ethical engagement, encouraging our students to use their understanding of language and literature to contribute positively to society.

As stewards of the English language and literary traditions, we are dedicated to advancing the field through scholarly research, creative endeavors, and the dissemination of knowledge. We aspire to be a leading force in the advancement of literary studies and language education, contributing to the global conversation on culture, identity, and the power of words.

In line with our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, we actively seek to amplify marginalized voices and perspectives within the literary canon. We aim to create a department that reflects the diversity of our world and fosters an environment where all individuals feel valued, respected, and empowered to express themselves.

B.S English Language and Literature

Admission Criteria

For Enrolment in BS English Language and Literature, the candidate should meet the following criteria:

  • Students with A Levels, F.Sc (PreMedical / Pre-Engg. / ICS), FA Home Economics, and FA General are eligible to apply with a minimum of 50% marks.
  • Candidates with English Literature in FA will be given 2 additional marks


Summary According to UG Policy 2023
Nature of Course Courses offered Credit Hours
General Courses 12 31
Major Courses 25 75
Interdisciplinary Courses 4 12
Minor Courses 4 12
Internship 1 3
Capstone 1 3
Total 47 136


Nature of Course Course Code Name of Subject Cr. Hrs
GEN-I ENG-103 Functional English 3(3+0)
GEN-II Ideology & Constitution of Pakistan 2(2+0)
GEN-III Arts & Humanities 2(2+0)



GEN-IV Natural Sciences (Microbiology) 3(3+0)
MAJ-I ELL-101 Introduction to English Literature 3(3+0)
MAJ-II ELL-102 History of English Literature 3(3+0)
Total 16
GEN-V Application of ICT 3(2+1)
GEN-VI ENG-104 Expository Writing 3(3+0)
GEN-VII Islamic Studies OR Religious Education/Ethics 2 (2+0)
GEN-VIII Civics and Community Engagement 3(0+3)
MAJ-III ELL-103 Poetry 3(3+0)
MAJ-IV ELL-104 Novel 3(3+0)
Total 17
GEN -IX Social Sciences 2(2+0)
GEN-X Quantitative Reasoning-I 3(3+0)
MAJ-V ELL-201 English Prose 3(3+0)
MAJ-VI ELL-202 Classical and Medieval Literature 3(3+0)
MAJ-VII ELL-203 Introduction to Linguistics-I (Phonetics and Phonology) 3(3+0)
INTR-I 3(3+0)
    Total 17
GEN-XI Entrepreneurship 2(2+0)
GEN-XII Quantitative Reasoning-II 3(3+0)
MAJ-VIII ELL-204 Elizabethan Drama 3(3+0)
MAJ-IX ELL-205 Literary Criticism-I 3(3+0)
MAJ-X ELL-206 Introduction to Linguistics-II (Morphology, Syntax and Semantics) 3(3+0)
INTR-II 3(3+0)
Total 17
MAJ-XI ELL-301 American Literature 3(3+0)
MAJ-XII ELL-302 Continental Drama 3(3+0)
MAJ-XIII ELL-303 Literary Criticism-II 3(3+0)
MAJ-XIV ELL-304 Sociolinguistics 3(3+0)
INTR-III 3(3+0)
MIN-I 3(3+0)
Total 18
MAJ- XV ELL-305 Research Methodology 3(3+0)
MAJ-XVI ELL-306 Literary Theories 3(3+0)
MAJ-XVII ELL-307 Discourse Studies 3(3+0)
MAJ-XVIII ELL-308 Internship 3(0+3)
INTR-IV 3(3+0)
MIN-II 3(3+0)
Total 18
MAJ-XIX ELL-401 Capstone Project /(Thesis) 3(0+3)*
MAJ-XX ELL-402 Post-colonial Literature 3(3+0)
MAJ-XXI ELL-403 South Asian Literature 3(3+0)
MAJ-XXII ELL-404 Modern and Contemporary Literature 3(3+0)
MAJ-XXIII ELL-405 Stylistics 3(3+0)
MIN-III 3(3+0)
Total 18
MAJ-XXIV ELL-406 Thesis 3(0+3)
MAJ-XXV ELL-407 World Literature in Translation 3(3+0)
MAJ-XXVI ELL-408 Literature and Other Media 3(3+0)
MAJ-XXVII ELL-409 Women’s Writing 3(3+0)
MIN-IV 3(3+0)
Total 15
Total Credit Hours 136

Q1.       Is the University of Home Economics (UHE) degree recognized?

Yes, UHE is a public sector university, and all degrees are recognized by Higher Education Commission, Islamabad.

Q2.      How long is the duration for BS Degree programs?

Four (04) years/eight Semesters

Q3.      From where can I obtain the prospectus, admission forms and challan forms?

From University of Home Economics website:



Q4.      Are there any specific quotas in admissions?

Yes, visit page 55 of prospectus 2022.

Q5.      How many programs I can apply to?

A candidate can apply to as many degree programs as she may deem fit.

Q6.      What is the admission processing fee for each application?

Rs 1000/-

Q7.      What is the last date and mode of submission for admission forms?

The last date of submission of admission forms will be 31st October, and they can be submitted via hand.

Q8.    What criteria is set for applicants who missed the documents (e.g., Fee Challan, Admission Forms, Matric / inter result etc.?

The applicants must submit their missing documents by 31st October positively otherwise application forms with missing documents will not be entertained.

Q9.    Are there any Scholarship programs available?

Ehsaas program by HEC, UHE need based scholarship, UHE merit-based scholarship are available.

Q10.    Who can apply for scholarships?

All students admitted are eligible for scholarships as per criteria.

Q11.    Are there any provisions for students applying in UHE from outside of Lahore to have hostel facility in University of Home Economics?

Yes, the hostel facility is available on first come first serve basis.

Q12.    Do you offer weekend classes?


Q13.    Is there a fee refund policy?

Yes, the fee can be refunded within one week of the commencement of classes.

Q14.    What if I want to migrate to another program?

As per HEC Policy, you can migrate from one program to another only once.