Procedure for Acquiring Certificates / Transcripts

Students who require any of the following Certificates

  • Transcripts
  • Duplicate transcripts
  • Verification of documents
  • BonaFide
  • Character certificate
  • Relieving certificate
  • Equivalence (After BS Part I, 2nd year)
  • English Proficiency / Medium of instructions

Two Separate request forms are provided. Print & fill the one applicable to you. Written Application is also required for submission along with the list of documents to be attached.

Download  the relevant Challan, from the University website. Submit it with your application.

Without incomplete application and a copy of the Challan deposited, no application will be processed.

Certificates will take 10 working days time. Urgent fee cases will take two days

Office of the Controller of Examination

University of Home Economics-Lahore

For any query, kindly email us at deputy.controller@uhe.edu.pk


Request form for certificates
Document to be Attached
Certificates Challan Form